OKEY CLICK is a mobile application for “freedom” lovers. You can book all kinds of services, anywhere and at any time. It allows you to save money, energy and time while you focus on what really matters.

You no longer need to waste your time looking for service providers in internet. You do not need to ask again to an appointment or adjusting to other people's schedules, neither you will need to move unnecessarily to where you do not want to go. All that is a thing of the past.

OKEY CLICK is your perfect ally for daily routines, with transparent prices, no surprises, that connect you with the best providers that can solve your needs instantly in your own location.

There are no more excuses! OKEY CLICK is easy, fast and safe.
Our revolutionary platform offers the best value in the market. Always instantly. Always available. And always by your side!

How It Works


Find the service you need easily and with just one click you can reserve it without problems. As simple as selecting the type of service and forgetting the rest!


The professional will arrive at your location to solve your needs and will always be available to you, whenever you need it.


Enjoy your time doing what you like most. Delegate tasks to professionals and forget about the rest. Your time is gold… value it!

Benefits of using OKEY CLICK

call_made Reserve the best quality services instantly and on demand, anywhere and at any time.

call_made You can use OKEY CLICK for FREE. You pay only for the services you book, at transparent market prices. No more surprises!

call_made For your security all service providers are verified and you can discover the ratings of other real users before processing your order.

Download OKEY CLICK apps now and starts booking your favourite services!

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OKEY CLICK is the perfect opportunity to progress in your career and to generate that additional income that we all need.

Advertise your services through our platform, and you will be able to get customers near your location easily and safely. You do no longer need to make a big investment in marketing to advertise your services. Do it easily in OKEY CLICK!

There has never been a time like this in history to be able to offer your talent to the market with such flexibility and independence. You can offer your talent near your location, choose the requests of your own clients, decide on your own flexible schedule and manage your professional career.

Offer services only when you decide! You are the master of your destiny and now you can control your own future!



Get the services you need with a few clicks on your smartphone. You do not need to waste more time looking for the ideal professional. Avoid unnecessary travels and get everything from the comfort of your home.


We are mobile and we want everything right now! With OKEY CLICK you can request services immediately. The professionals that are announced in OKEY CLICK will adapt to your schedules to provide you with a first class service whenever you need it. Even outside normal commercial hours.


Real customers like you rate and evaluate service providers. Like that we are making sure that only the best professionals offer their service through our platform. Because many people can not be wrong and that is why best performers will stand out from the crowd.


You no longer need to have cash in order to book a service. You can pay easily and securely from your smartphone, without needing to go to a cashier or making an uncomfortable transfer when you have an emergency.


For your safety, all the profiles of the service providers advertised in OKEY CLICK are previously validated and verified by our administration team. That's why so many users trust us. Because OKEY CLICK is easy and safe, without delays, without surprises and without excuses.


Whenever you need it, you can report any problem or incident through our mobile application and our team will respond to you in less than 24/48 hours.
We are always next to you!


Most providers offer their services also outside of normal business hours. That is why they offer you the greatest flexibility so that you can solve your needs anywhere and at any time. With OKEY CLICK you have professionals available 24/7.


Surprises are not always good. Specially, when it comes to paying. We like to know in advance the prices of the services we book. With OKEY CLICK you will have total transparency and you will not pay more than the market prices. No surprises! In addition to that, you will know at all times the status of your service request.


You can use OKEY CLICK for free, The payments you make are directly transferred to service provider's account once you have confirmed that the service was provided. In addition, it is the responsibility of service providers to have liability insurance in case any unforeseen event occurs during the service.

The Experiences Of Our Clients of our Users

Join the revolution of on-demand services and get instantly any service you need!

  • Book all kinds of services easily and quickly.
  • Check the profiles of professionals serving OKEY CLICK.
  • Get the service when you need it and wherever you are.
  • Pay comfortably without the need to have cash.
  • Earn money by referring us to your friends.

Connect with our professionals using our revolutionary technology and enjoy the OKEY CLICK experience!

Download OKEY CLICK apps now and starts booking your favourite services!

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